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Oak tree

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Question: oak

Hi! I'm Manuela and they gave me an oak tree about six years old, it's about 60 cm tall, its trunk is tilted but it doesn't have a hair but only scattered branches. I was wondering if it is possible to create a bonsai and if you can tell me how I can start

Oak: Answer: oak

Dear Manuela,
oaks are excellent trees to grow like bonsai, because even as young, thanks to the size of the trunk, they already tend to look like old plants, and are vigorous and resistant, even bearing pruning of branches and roots. It is an outdoor bonsai, and therefore it is good to find a place for your outdoor bonsai; in summer it is good that it is partially shaded, while during the cold season it can also receive a few hours of direct sunlight. Your specimen is still young, so you can work it quietly, and any errors or program changes can be corrected (more or less) in the years to come. Take into account the fact that the oak leaves are quite large (it then depends on the type of oak you have, the holm oak has fairly small leaves, the farnia definitely not) and therefore you may have to make the total defoliation of the sapling, for try to make the foliage more minute. Pay attention to the fact that, especially in spring, the leaves of the pot-grown oak tend to get oidium; while in summer they are easy prey for mites and rust. Also the formation of the foliage is not the simplest, because even if the branches tend to swell rapidly, often the small oaks have a disordered and not very dense branching, and it is quite difficult to use the wire, especially on the branches already well lignified, but also on flexible and young branches, which tend to return to their place even after weeks of folding with the wire. Surely, however, these are plants that bear pruning well, even drastic. So think immediately, visualize it in your mind, how you want your oak to become in the future, and proceed by making the change step by step. For the rest, a small vase (being the plant still young, you can also consider cultivating it a little longer in a vase not strictly from bonsai), a soil of leaves mixed with akadama, watering only when the soil is dry, from March to October, and very bright exposure. Every 3-4 months place a few slow release fertilizer granules on the ground, without exaggerating.