Cherry rust

Cherry rust

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Question: how is rust cured?

I would like to know how to treat the problem of rust on cherry tree leaves. thank you, Giuseppe

Cherry rust: Answer: the rust of the cherry tree

Dear Giuseppe,
cherry rust is a cryptogamic disease, caused by a fungus called puccinia cerasi; the appearance of this disease is quite typical, and therefore it is difficult to confuse it with other diseases of the cherry or other plants. It occurs with small yellow spots, placed randomly on the leaves, but which often tend to be closer to each other alongside the central veins of the leaves; over time the spots tend to darken, becoming red or brown, and later the leaves fall. The spores produced by the mushrooms then move on the grass around the plant, from where the following year they will be ready to go up again on the cherry tree. In general, this fungus develops on the cherry trees in late summer, and does not cause damage to fruit production. For this reason, very often the rust of the cherry trees is left undisturbed. In addition to this, copper-based products are sufficient to eradicate rust, or even to contain their development, and therefore treatments used to protect the tree from other problems tend to prevent a massive attack by rust. However, if this disease spreads rapidly and so that it could cause excessive defoliation of the tree, spraying on the plant of cupric products is performed. If the tree is very large, lately, rather than spreading large amounts of fungicide in the environment, it is preferable to practice endotherapeutic treatments, to treat the plant in a systemic way. The collection and elimination of fallen leaves helps to prevent the fungus from spreading next year.