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Question: how do I water the plants when I am on vacation?

Hello. I bought seedlings of flowers (sulfinie and other) that I had put in a vase first in the planter of the balconies. I pour water every day, but when will I be absent, how can I do? Are there any alternative water products to be used for at least a week? Thanks

Answer: alternative irrigation methods

Dear Nicola,
every year, when the holidays arrive, we remember the beautiful flowering plants that we have on the terrace, which often do not even receive the rain water, and therefore need our presence at home for their survival. The two best and most “out of date” methods to ensure that they survive consist of or a beautiful irrigation system (which is often in fact ineffective, or could have little meaning if it is watering 4-5 pots), or one relies on the kindness of a neighbor or friend (again, no one is available to find someone available, or trustworthy). Fortunately, if the holidays are short, there are alternative methods, which work only if we leave home for a maximum of 5-8 days, avoiding doing so in the hottest and driest period of the year. In nurseries and hobby shops special jellies are on the market, which are actually recommended only as decorative products, as they are available in many bright colors; this substance, which at the time of purchase looks like a handful of colored sand, has the capacity to absorb about two liters of water (or at least the packages I saw were used to produce a volume of two liters of gelatin). If spread on the ground and in saucers, this jelly slowly releases the water it has absorbed, discreetly compensating for the lack of watering; It is clear that, as soon as you arrive home, you will surely have to water your plants, which in the meantime will have received a little hydration. Once it was used to fill a bottle of water, and it was placed upside down in the vase, with the neck well buried, so that it remains perfectly perpendicular to the ground; in this motion, slowly the water from the bottle passes to the ground. Also in this case, it is about a couple of liters of water for each pot, since the easily available bottles of soft drinks are usually one and a half liters or two liters. If your pots are large, you can try putting two bottles per pot. You can also try to take advantage of the capillarity, filling a large bucket with water, and in the bucket one end of some long rope threads; the other end of the wires must be buried in the vessels. As the days go by, the water should flow up the wires and end up in the pots. This works much better if the bucket is post upwards, and if maybe it is accompanied by other buckets. All these expedients are not entirely conclusive, they basically allow you to leave for a week without fearing that your plants will completely whine and die; they work best if you water the pots just before you leave, because it is more likely that you will spend at least a day before your plants need water.