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Repotting of two orchids

Repotting of two orchids

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Question: how do you repopulate orchids?

I would like to combine 2 identical orchids into one larger jar, but I wouldn't want to die. I have many beautiful ones, but these white flourishes are wonderful, but does space diminish? thanks

Repotting of two orchids: Answer: repot the orchids

Dear Marisa,
if the orchids are of the same species, and therefore need identical cultivation treatments, obviously you can without problems position them in the same vase. Clear that the vase must be sufficiently large, that is, greater than the sum of the two jars in which the orchids are now; otherwise risks that have little space, and therefore suffer. You don't see bonsai orchids, so I don't recommend pruning the root system to make the two plants fit in a smaller container; this is because the roots of orchids are very delicate, if cut they very often tend to develop rot or other fungal diseases; in addition to this, the roots of many orchids perform many functions, especially when they are aerial; when the roots take on a green color, it means that they are used to being in the light, and to performing a photosynthetic action. If you cut this kind of roots, you are condemning your plants to very probable suffering and disease.
I advise you to look for a very large vase, or (if it is epiphytic orchids, which in nature do not live in the ground), to try to arrange your two plants on a bark raft, as do many great cultivation experts from orchids; clear that to practice this operation it is necessary for you to be able to do it, and also to cultivate the two orchids once they have been moved to a particular "container", in almost total absence of cultivation substrate. But, how about leaving the two orchids in two separate vases?


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