Repotting bonsai

Repotting bonsai

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Question: repotting bonsai

Hi, I have ale I have a ficus bonsai since 1 year and I wanted to ask you if I have to repot it if in what period and in what period I prune it

Answer: repotting bonsai

Dear Ale,
ficus bonsai are much appreciated for their beauty, but also for the fact that in general the tropical ficus, if cultivated in small pots, naturally tend to produce enough minute foliage. Repotting is an important operation, fundamental in bonsai, which in the first years of life of a bonsai must be repeated every year, in late spring; these plants have quite delicate roots, and therefore it is good to avoid removing all the ground bread around the root system. Usually the plant is removed from the ground, about a third of the length of the roots is cut, and the plant is repositioned in the pot, trying not to excessively touch the earth bread that contains it. The suitable soil consists of a part of akadama and a part of universal soil of good quality. As for pruning, those of training are practiced at the beginning of spring, just before repotting; It is good to be careful not to exaggerate with the removal of the branches, which tend to produce noticeable bulges at the point of healing of the cuts, which can remain visible for many years. Therefore, each cut should be made with great care, using the appropriate concave cutter, immediately covering the cutting surface with pruning mastic; in addition to closing the cut, the mastic also contains a fungicide, which prevents the onset of mold or rot. As regards instead the pinching of the shoots, the ficus is a plant that produces new shoots for the whole year; therefore the stapling is always practiced: every time a sprout has produced at least 5-6 leaves, it is shortened, leaving only 2-3 leaves. This operation can also be performed with the nails, taking care then to wash your hands thoroughly, since the ficus contain a latex that can be irritating to the mucous membranes.