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Cherry tree

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Question: Cherry

I have two ciliagio trees (4/5 years) the plants are filled with flowers at the time of processing into fruit 50% of the flowers fall the little fruits begin to mature but when true and true (red color) they arrive yes and no on 3 / 4% while the others fall before the enlargement. In a nutshell, 7/8 kg of fruit in the end remains yes and no 500g of cherries. The trees at least visually do not present any problem, could you tell me what the problem might be? thanks

Answer: Cherry

Dear Riccardo,
the cherry trees are trees of medium or small size, belonging (like most fruit plants) to the genus prunus; before being able to have a good harvest from a cherry tree, it is necessary to have a certain patience, because, even if cultivated in the best way, it is often good that a cherry tree has about 5-8 years before being sufficiently mature to be able to bring many fruits ripen. So, if your trees are very young, the fruit drop is a common and typical behavior of young cherry trees; in substance the plant would not be able to bring all the fruits to maturity, and therefore it decides to mature only a small percentage. Besides this, many varieties of cherry are not self-fertile, or they are not quite; for this reason, when we decide to plant a cherry tree, a good nurseryman will advise us to accompany it at least to another specimen, possibly of another variety, or it will show us a completely self-fertile variety. (it means in practice that every single flower can pollinate the flowers next to it). Therefore, it is not infrequently noticed that a cherry tree full of flowers becomes a cherry tree with a quantity of cherries equal to about half of the flowers on the tree.
So I think you still have cherry trees that are still too young, wait patiently for about two or three years and you will see that they will start producing large amounts of fruit; if you want time and space, try to get a variety of cherry trees to pollinate other cherry trees in a good nursery. If you think it appropriate, and especially if you don't already do it, remember in late autumn and at the end of winter to bury a small amount of manure around the plants; just place it around the stem and lightly hoe.