Cultivate fruit plants

Cultivate fruit plants

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Cultivate fruit plants:

The corner dedicated to the orchard, for lovers of outdoor life, who can afford a corner of greenery, but also for those who have only a small terrace, and want to try their hand in the cultivation of fruit trees in pots. To be able to successfully cultivate a fruit plant, it is good to inquire about the various needs that characterize it; our cards help you decide which plants are best suited to our garden or our terrace. The specials dedicated to fruit plants also suggest how to treat the most common diseases and parsites, how and when to supply fertilizers and pesticides, how to repair the most delicate fruit plants from the cold. For those who want to try their hand at cultivating fruit plants to the full, find also simple instructions on how to prune the most common plants grown in Italy, from apricot to kiwi; the most experienced are also easy guides to the grafts.