Red spiders

Red spiders

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Question: how to defeat the red spiders?

Hello, I would like to know how I can fight red spiders that have completely invaded the balconies, the cornices, the shutters and the walls. I tried it with a spray but apart from the toxicity I really can't spray it anywhere, given the extent of the problem. Thanks.

Red spiders: Answer: red spiders

Dear Stefania,
the little ones red spiders that we often see on the terrace in summer are not to be confused absolutely with the infamous red spider mite, which is sometimes found on plants, and is of minuscule size; in fact it is in both cases a sort of mite, but of a very different kind. THE little red spiders that go on the plants (the microscopic ones) are harmful, because they suck the sap from the leaves and tend to ruin the affected plants conspicuously. THE small red spiders that we can see with the naked eye, they are completely harmless, for plants, for humans, for animals. Indeed, they are in fact useful spiders, as they feed on other insects and bird droppings, helping us to keep the terrace clean and to get rid of most of the insects that lurk in the cracks and on the leaves of the plants. Clear that, as with everything, if your terrace has been invaded by these little spiders, there is certainly discomfort, also because the red color is given by an indelible pigment, which stains stone, cement, wood and clothes. However, it would be appropriate to avoid insecticides, especially broad-spectrum ones, also because in addition to killing spiders, harmful insects and useful insects, it is not even healthy to breathe for you.
Generally this type of inversions has a short duration in time, and as they arrived, the spiders scatter quite quickly. If they do not go, you can try to wash the terrazzo floors with bleach, which in addition to killing the specimens that will be touched, also works a little as a deterrent. If then the spiders do not go away and continue to be many, try with organic products based on pyrethrum, which should contain the problem a little.