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Question: how to get rid of the pots?

Gent. I live in Bagnoli NA near the sea for a couple of years in the Ns. garden has taken root and has invaded the entire garden a weed that is now blooming with small yellow flowers, then balls are formed like marbles but with very sharp spikes that stick under the soles of the shoes and under the feet of the dogs, they said that in a vulgar way they call them (vasapiedi), could you tell me their name and how to eliminate them? thanks

Vasapiedi: Answer: the vasapiedi

Dear Davide,
the plant of which you speak is widespread throughout the Mediterranean area; the name is tribulus terrestris, and it is a perennial ground cover, with small yellow star-shaped flowers, and oval leaflets; to see it at the end of winter could also give the impression of a pretty plant; pity that the flowers happen to the fruits, small balls in the shape of a tetrahedron, covered with thin thorns: when ripe the seeds become practically woody, and therefore definitely dangerous for feet and legs. The only way you have to get rid of it is to get rid of it, using a leaf herbicide or even one to spread on the ground, possibly those that do not have an active period place; leaf herbicides are to be used with great caution, because they are absorbed by the leaves of any plant, and therefore if used on a windy day or with strong insolation, risking to move from the weed to the trees and shrubs nearby, causing real disasters. Among the herbicides to be supplied to the roots, on the other hand, there are typical types; some kill everything they find, including the plants in your garden, while others are also used in agriculture, orchards and vineyards, because they only work on small rootlets of annual or perennial plants. I advise you to go to an agricultural consortium, or to a nursery where you know you can find competent personnel, and expose your problem. Clear it is that if the tribulus develops in the flower beds you will have to act with great caution; if instead it is growing along the paths or in the parking lot, then you can use a common total herbicide. As a curiosity, know that the tribulus is lately enjoying great successes, as a medicinal plant; in fact it contains steroid active ingredients, which function like male hormones; therefore products based on this plant are used to mitigate various types of problems concerning the male sexual sphere; also used by athletes to increase muscle mass.


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