Metal curb

Metal curb

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Question: Can I make a metal curb?

I intend to make flowerbeds with the 0.8 cm thick iron curb. It is therefore a parallelepiped filled with earth, without a cover or bottom, 20/30 cm high. In your opinion there may be counter-indications for the transmission of heat on the roots of plants. Hoping to have been clear, I thank you in advance and apologize for any disturbance

Metal curb: Answer: the preparation of the curb

Dear Maurizio,
often a type of curb like the one you intend to use you use to contain plants with excessively rapid development, such as bamboo. Clearly it can happen, especially in the height of summer, that the insolation makes the metal plate hot, and consequently also the earth near it. But the problem is solved simply by placing the plants at least 25-30 cm from the curb itself, so that they may not have to passively suffer heat. Over the years you will also notice that the shrubs will tend to grow at a proper distance from the metal curb, and growing will shade it, and therefore in the coming years the problem should present itself in an ever smaller way. Remember that the soil for this type of flowerbed must be of excellent quality, well porous and drained, also because on the sides your flowerbed will not have any type of drainage, since the curb, in addition to retaining the heat of the sun, will not even allow to water to drain effectively. Therefore, if you use excessively heavy and compact soil, on very rainy days it will tend to soak in water, with obvious discomfort for the plants. What you do not understand from your request is whether the beds prepared in this way will rest on the ground or if they will be built on top of concrete or rock; in the second case they would be species of large tubs for geraniums, and you will definitely have to be careful about watering and fertilizing, as a vase, however large, only 20-30 cm high is suitable to contain only small plants, not large shrubs , which would fill you all the land of roots, having so little available.