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In the bathroom

In the bathroom

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Question: In the bathroom

Hi, my name is Andrea and I write from the province of Trento.
I ask for suggestions and / or indications on plants or flowers to keep in the bathroom.
The two bathrooms are north oriented.
Thank you in advance.

Answer: In the bathroom

Dear Andrea,
the bathroom is usually the best place to grow plants; most of the plants that in Europe are considered as apartments, in nature live in tropical forests, with a hot and humid climate, and a diffused brightness, hardly hit by direct sunlight. If your bathroom has a nice window, you can cultivate whatever you want. From orchids to ficus, from schefflere to dracene; all these plants prefer a very humid climate, which generally does not exist in the apartment; indeed, in the home in general the air is decidedly dry, due to air conditioning systems, radiators, stoves, fireplaces, fans, floor heating. All the things that we humans use to heat our home air also tend to dry it too much, and we are therefore forced to spray water on the foliage of our plants to see them healthy. In the bathroom, in general, the climate tends to be decidedly more humid, inasmuch as taking a shower or bath, but also simply washing every morning, diffuses a lot of humidity in the air of a generally fairly small environment, which often remains with the door closed; in this way an ideal microclimate is created, similar to that present in the nursery. The best environment is then that of the bathroom in which clothes are also laid to dry, orchids in particular tend to enjoy this additional moisture, as well as all ferns.


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