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Plant for showcase

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Question: plan for showcase

Hi, I have a shop with two windows, one of which is dark because it is from the workshop and I would like to put outside possibly a creeper that also makes a little shade. The plant in question should withstand the heat in the summer given the proximity of the glass and the cold in winter because it is external.
Thanks, Daniele

Answer: plan for showcase

Dear Daniel,
some generic suggestions, given that you do not indicate where you live (there is a difference between the winter cold of Olbia and that of Turin), and not even the exposure of the plant, or if the window is in the sun or in the shade (or in the middle 'shadow). Generally, throughout Italy, the most appreciated and cultivated creepers are the jasmines, in the central south the real jasmines are cultivated mainly, or plants belonging to the genus jasminum, while in the central north trachelospermum jasminoides are cultivated; that look like jasmines, at least in the flower and in the summer scent, but in reality they are not. These are vigorous climbers, which tolerate drought fairly well, and which do not fear frost. Generally they do not give big problems, and they grow well even in pots. If you want something more particular, you can plant a lonicera, or honeysuckle; these climbing plants are also very vigorous, well tolerated by the climatic conditions present in Italy, they produce very fragrant flowers and some species are evergreen (others not, so if you want an evergreen, be informed in the nursery at the time of purchase). The clematis are also interesting; those with the most visible and showy flower, however, completely lose their foliage in winter, becoming similar to withered branches, and tend to prefer locations where the foot of the stem is protected, moist and fresh. There are, however, vigorous clematis, such as the armandii, which produces a rain of flowers in the spring. Passion flowers are also very special; among the most vigorous and resistant species I remind you of the caerulea, with white and blue flowers; however, there are many varieties, with flowers of all types and colors, and with a different tolerance to the cold, depending on the species and the variety; also in this case, ask in the nursery at the time of purchase. Obviously these vines will be placed in a large tank, otherwise the development will be poor; watering, especially in summer, must be regular, so as to avoid leaving the plants dry for several days; in addition to this, most creepers tend to have a wide development, so you will have to periodically think about pruning your vines, to prevent them from stretching too far.