Pine growth

Pine growth

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Question: Pine growth

Hi ... I have a pine that is still young and this year it showed off a beautiful vegetation, but the tip didn't grow ... I wanted to ask if it was normal, thanks
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Answer: The growth of the pine

Dear Marco,
there are many pinaceae, including pines, larches, spruces, firs, cedars, tsughe; in addition to this, there are various hybrid varieties or cultivars, selected as they show particular salient features, interesting in cultivation; for example, the dwarf varieties, which have a very slow and compact development, are highly appreciated. In general the pines are trees that can reach considerable dimensions, and also quite quickly. But the growth rate is calculated in relation to other trees, not in relation to other judgment meters; in general a fir tree can reach even more than ten meters high as an adult, but it will take several years to grow even up to five or six meters. It is not infrequent that newly planted saplings tend to develop slowly, perhaps due to the ground poorly suited to the cultivation or lengthening of their roots. Also the lack of water and fertilizer can cause less growth than expected. In particular, with regard to conifers, one thing that spoils and slows down normal development is pruning; if we are going to prune the tip of a conifer, it will tend to develop the branches just below the apex, trying to recreate a point; at the same time, however, it will hardly increase in height, as all efforts will be aimed at lengthening the last branches. It also happens that some conifers, in particular years, tend to develop a lot of hair, and lateral branches, and then develop in height. If the plant is healthy, of a beautiful color, produces flowers and pine cones and new shoots, I think there is nothing to worry about. The important thing with conifers is not being in a hurry. If you think it is the case, find out what kind of pine you set at home, so you know exactly what the final size of the adult tree is, so you can know what to expect in the coming years.