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Cherries and birds

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Question: how to chase away birds from cherry trees?

This year my cherry has a huge production of cherries, but most of them are eaten by birds before they ripen, how to do it?

Cherries and birds: Answer: the birds in the orchard

Dear Isabella,
unfortunately the birds are very fond of cherries, the only other fruit that attracts them in such large quantities is the fig; It is very beautiful to see in our garden of wild animals that feed on what we cultivate, I would say very romantic; however, it is certain that it is a little less beautiful when wild animals eat everything, preventing us from tasting our fruits, which we have perhaps treated, watered, cared for in various ways, and we await with trepidation from year to year. As long as it is about peaceful coexistence, that is, birds eat a small percentage of our juicy fruits, I think there is no problem; the problem arises when wild animals prevent us even from tasting our beautiful ripe cherries.
Often you read various suggestions, which are then seen practiced in the countryside, where on cherry trees we can admire strips of silver paper, cd (a friend of my father had indeed specified dvd, because it seems that the birds understand the difference), pieces of colored paper, mirrors of various sizes, Easter egg card; sometimes these "decorations" are so many that they make the trees look like species of works of art a little special. If it is true that most of the birds fear anything that produces a reflection, more or less accentuated, this does not apply to all the birds that populate our cities; some, like the magpies, do not care about the reflexes, and often even the starlings (which sometimes have the defect of traveling in a group); the blackbirds and the sparrows are rather fearful. If therefore your tree is populated by birds of various species, the expedient of attaching reflective objects to it will not solve the problem at its root; the only way to remove them is to avoid that they can reach the fruit, arranging around the foliage a wide net with thick meshes, even if it depends on the size of the tree, if it reaches 5-6 meters in height, it is a demanding job , at that point you should ask the Vignola producers if they get you some boxes of corns.
Other methods involve the early harvesting of cherries, before they are fully ripe; but even here, what is the use of having a fruit tree in the garden, if we still eat the fruit ripened in boxes, like that of the greengrocer?
Some also suggest to exploit the same expedients that are used in large orchards, that is, there are devices that cause loud noises, or small radios to be left near the trunk; but it depends on where your tree is, because if the noise also damages your ears, as well as those of birds, the solution does not seem so brilliant. Even having a few cats helps, at least not to have whole flocks on your tree.


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